Le Puy du Fou

Unique, Puy du fou offers you a wonderful and unforgettable  travel through time. Located  within a natural park with twenty shows.  from show to show , live centuries of history that the park retraces. Epic adventures, strong  emotions  and majestic shows are waiting for you.

Among the shows you can see, you ‘ll have «  the last panache » which retraces  the glorious course of a naval officer during the American war of independence. Cinéscénie, the world’s biggest night show with new scenery and breathtaking  special  effects. The sign of triumph which reconstructs the mythical games of the circus in a Gallo Roman stadium created for the occasion. Tempted by a medieval adventure? This is a very high level. And you can see a perfect mastery of riders and stuntmen during the show «  the secret of the spear ». Many shows outside , for example : the ball of the ghost birds, a very beautiful aerial ballet of raptors in the ruins of the old castle. The Verdun’s lovers will tell you the love story of a soldier and his  fiancée  during  winter 1916 ( Oscar of the best creation).  Trought this story, you’ll  go to the meeting of  brave soldiers who don’t  yet know yet that they  will live an unforgettable Christmas , in the snowy gaps.


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